Our friend Ira Hoffman sent the following email to share with our members:

“The Mass Call/Vol. FF Assn is looking for article. I think something about drones would be perfect for their publication Smoke Showin’.”  (Editor’s note:  The contact Information for the Mass Call/Vol. FF Assn is 1-800-551-FIRE or email:  mcvfa@mcvfa.org)

“Second, I did my Surviving a Fire: Seconds Count seminar last November in Holden. It is available for viewing: https://holdentv.com/show/surviving-a-fire-seconds-count/

The Powerpoint is available and can be easily customized.  I can give a 5-minute overview via Zoom if desired.

Regards, Ira”

Editor’s note:  To contact Ira Hoffman, email ira@fire-police-ems.com.